Acer XF Hybrids
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Acer XF Hybrids

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The Acer XF Hybrids play as well as they look! They match the Acer XF Driver and Fairway Woods perfectly, and feature the same design characteristics that make them such great performers.

Featuring variable face technology, which means that even on a less than perfect ball strike, you will be able to eke out some suitable results. The variable crown technology (VCT) displaces weight to places needed most, which on a hybrid is in the sole, resulting in penetrating, high shots.

The intimating PVD black finish looks awesome too. Sometimes, a hybrid can be a “hook” machine, but the XF's sit dead nuts square, so no worries. Available from a #2, all the way to a #6. Hey, if PGA Tour Pro KJ Choi is using a 6 hybrid, why shouldn't we?

Club 2 3 4 5 6
Loft 16° 19° 22° 25° 28°
Lie 59.5° 60° 60.5° 61° 61.5°
Volume 113cc 114cc 115cc 116cc 117cc
Face Height (mm) 32.5 32.5 32.5 32.5 32.5
Face Angle Square Square Square Square Square

Acer XF Hybrid Standard Lengths:

Club Men's Ladies
2-Hybrid 40" 39"
3-Hybrid 39.5" 38.5"
4-Hybrid 39" 38"
5-Hybrid 38.5" 37.5"
6-Hybrid 38" 37"