Acer XS Wedges
Acer XS Wedges Acer XS Wedge face

Acer XS Wedges

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We love the Acer XS Wedges (one of the crew here has them in his bag), because they combine 'players' features with 'game improvement' attributes.

Like most wedges, the XS series have a thin topline, low offset and a blade style appearance. But what make these wedges really shine is the semi-cavity back perimeter weighting that actually adds forgiveness to a club that normally doesn't feature it.

You don't find too many game improvement wedges out there (other than maybe a Ping iWedge), and here you can play the XS wedges at a fraction of the cost of other clubs. To put the cherry on top, they LOOK great too!

Club Gap Sand Lob
Loft 52° 56° 60°
Lie 64° 64° 64°
Offset (mm) 2 1.5 1
Bounce 12°